Behind Chiara Daverio

The search for materials brings both quality and uniqueness to our work. Our products are made from carefully chosen leathers combined with the originality of silks produced in Como. The combination of these materials, juxtaposition of colours, weave and sensory contrast between leather and silk make each piece unique, fresh in its classicism and able to tell its own story.



Made in Italy

Shapes that tell a story

The expert hands of artisan friends and Chiara's creative ideas come together to create innovative, fresh, and fun designs, with quality products that are always able to convey something new.

To protect and pass on what we know,we must rewrite the history of craftsmanship

In addition to focusing on the quality of each individual product, Chiara aims to work with artisan and family businesses which guarantee ethical respect and the heritage of the true fashion world.

The glue of these elements is always passion, the fundamental element of her creations.

Chiara Daverio tends to preserve the history, tradition, values and craftsmanship that are assets to be protected and handed down in each of her products.

Every year we create limited editions, using products that also come from suppliers’ surpluses, thus giving new life to materials that would otherwise be lost, rewriting their history.

Buy less, choose well